Our aim is to empower PLWNCDs and create community advocates to educate others on the prevention of NCDs

What We Do


Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs) Services

We provide free screening, counseling, and referral services for patients.


Awareness Raising & Sensetisation

To Health workers, NCDs survivors and other advocates in counseling, screening, advocacy and patient support.


Training & research

We are part of data gathering, e.g. WHO STEPS Survey on NCDs undertaken in 2011.


Advocacy for access to NCDs Services

To Health workers, NCDs survivors and other advocates in counseling, screening, advocacy and patient support.

About Us

In 2010, the Uganda Cancer Society allied with the Uganda Heart Research Foundation and the Uganda Diabetes Association as a broader Uganda non-Communicable diseases Alliance(UNCDA). The alliance was formed to address common challenges across Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs) with the vision of “A society free of preventable NCDs”. Our mission is “To lead the civil society response against Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs) by placing people’s health at the center of the national agenda through advocacy, empowering and inspiring the population”. We also aim at preventing and controlling cancer, diabetes, heart and other Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs) through capacity building, resource mobilization, research, partnership and community empowerment in an effort to reach the global target of 25% reduction in Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs) by 2025. Uganda non-Communicable diseases Alliance(UNCDA) is a member of East Africa Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs) Alliance.

The Uganda non-Communicable diseases Alliance(UNCDA) uses targeted advocacy and outreach to advance action on prevention and control of NCDs in Uganda. We provide support to thousands of persons living with Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs) (PLWNCDs), work with a wide range of partners, organizations, institutions and leading Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs) experts to implement projects, connect new partners, and ensure that Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs) are a national Health priority. We are a unique alliance functioning both as an umbrella organization providing Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs) services through our partners to PLWNCDs. We’re in Kampala and 10 districts across all regions in Uganda.


Awareness Creation

To create increased understanding and…


Organisational plans

To Develop and implement an organizational development…


Patient Support

To provide comprehensive Patient support package for people living with NCDs.


NCD Policy Implementation

To Develop and implement an organizational…

The myth that NCDs mostly affect the rich is long obsolete. Studies indicate that NCD mortality rate is highest among the urban poor. They present one of the greatest challenges to Health and development in the 21st century.

Customer testimonials


Sugar and stomach issues have been huge issues for me.But since i had an appointment with UNCD discussing my stomach problems and fears about eliminating suga,Today I am so pleased to say that my sugar addiction is NON-EXISTENT and the process was SO pain-free.

Katongole Emilly

testimony (4)

I want to tell you what an amazing difference you have made in my health and my life. I have always considered myself a healthy person for my age, as I try to take care of my health. However, since my first visit to your office until now, I realize how much I did not know about my health.

Musinguzi Ronald

testimony (1)

It is so amazing to me, how incredibly great I feel when I left your office, after your advice. The effects are long lasting. I tell my friends that I feel like I did in my 20’s after my treatment. I have increased energy, my mind feels clearer and I am relieved of any aches and pains.

Hellen Mfitundinda

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