Our aim is to empower PLWNCDs and create community advocates to educate others on the prevention of NCDs

Activity Of Wdd Mubende

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Community matching through Mubende town during the commemoration of world Diabetes day November 2018 on the theme: Family and Diabates

2018 marks the fifth year of the Tenth year focus on “Diabetes Education and Prevention,” the theme selected by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) for World Diabetes Day 2018: The campaign slogan is:”THE FAMILY AND DIABETES”.

Uganda Non Communicable Diseases Alliance (UNCDA) in partnership with Uganda Diabetes Association (UDA) organized World Diabetes Day celebrations that took place on 14th November 2018 at Mubende Health Center Four – Mubende District.

This campaign was geared towards raising awareness of the impact that diabetes has on family and support network of those affected. It also underpins the promotion of the family in management of diabetes, care, prevention and education of diabetes including of screening of NCDs (cancer, heart diseases and Diabetes).

Every year UNCDA celebrate world diabetes day in Eleven Districts of Uganda to increase awareness of NCDs, Screening of NCDs and Advocacy for NCDs policy development and implementation.