Our aim is to empower PLWNCDs and create community advocates to educate others on the prevention of NCDs


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What We Do


Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs) Services

We provide free screening, counseling, and referral services for patients.


Awareness Raising & Sensetisation

We carry out large scale awareness campaigns using mass media, community and Health facility-based outreaches, advertising to raise awareness on NCD risk factors, end stigma, and to promote early, continuous and regular health screening.


Training & research

We are part of data gathering, e.g. WHO STEPS Survey on NCDs undertaken in 2011.


Advocacy for access to NCDs Services

To Health workers, NCDs survivors and other advocates in counseling, screening, advocacy and patient support.

Why Choose Us


Awareness Creation

To create increased understanding and awareness about NCDs through a NCDs communication strategy.


Organisational plans

To Develop and implement an organizational development plan for UNCDA as a lead Non-communicable Diseases civil society organization


Patient Policy

To provide comprehensive Patient support package for people living with NCDs.


NCD Policy Implementation

To advocate for the development and implementation of the NCD policy and practice in Uganda.

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