Our aim is to empower PLWNCDs and create community advocates to educate others on the prevention of NCDs

Invitation to UNCDA project launch

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This is to invite you to participate in the UNCDA Project Launch due on Thu 26th Aug 2021, starting at 8:30am. This is a hybrid (Virtual/physical) activity that will take place at Grand Global Hotel in Kampala off Sir Apolo Kaggwa Road Makerere. You’ll participate virtually. The Launch will kick start the training for branch/District based implementation teams.

The Uganda NCD Alliance received a grant by Global NCD Alliance Solidarity Fund second phase; NCD Alliance Civil society Solidarity Fund on NCDs and COVID-19. This fund focuses on developing comprehensive and cohesive NCD advocacy and communications strategies towards resilience and recovery under a project entitled: Strengthening communication and media strategies/frameworks and building advocacy blocks on NCDs and COVID 19 coverage as a way of building broader health systems reform and UHC advocacy coalitions. The project is aimed at “a sustainable and meaningful participation of PLWNCDs in NCDs and COVID-19 prevention and control programs so as to influence policy and decision making in Uganda by December 2021 and thereafter. In this second phase we were awarded US$15,000 for 6month (Jul-Dec 2021).


Specific Objectives

  1. Establish functional PLWNCDs groups to engage in NCDs and COVID-19 programs at all levels of response
  2. Engage PLWNCDs and their caregivers at community level to participate in NCD programs and activities.
  3. Provide platforms where views and voices of PLWNCDs inform policy and decisions on NCD programs amid COVID-19.


The goal and intended objectives will be achieved through the following activities:

  1. Community mobilization and sensitization on NCDs and CVID-19 for PLWNCDs and their leaders at community l, District and National level
  2. Establish PLWNCDs led groups to participate in NCDs and COVID-19 programs to ensure these programs are informed by needs, desires and aspirations of PLWNCDs and their care givers at all levels

III.    Support Health facility based Meetings with PLWNCDs groups to ensure, PLWNCDs take active role in planning for their services as well as integration of NCDs services into routine health care delivery

  1. Hold Community Dialogues on NCDs and COVID-19 prevention and control, services access and utilization between PLNCDs their carers/immediate families, community opinion leaders and local leadership
  2. Document and views generated from PLWNCDs and their caregivers through case reports audios and videos
  3. Hold multi-stakeholders meeting to disseminate the project findings to stakeholders, partners and policy-makers to influence policy and decision making on NCDs and COVID-19


The Uganda NCD Alliance therefore, wishes to request you as one of the stakeholders and stronger partner in the fight against NCDs to Grace the launch of this Project which will kick start the training of district based implementing team.

Summary of the project document, Launch/Training program and the Webinar link will be sent shortly.


Thank you so much for honoring our invitation.


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